environmental charter school

designing for environmental learning and sustainability

48-305 Third Year Architecture Studio II Instructor: Steve Lee, Akhil Badjatia


With an increasing concern for the environments and the effort to preserve them, a growing number of institutions, parents and students have voiced the importance of incorporating an environmental learning at an early stage of public education to help foster the future generations into having a greater appreciation for their surroundings, introduce a new way of thinking in the larger social and physical context rather than in an isolation, and to provide more collaborative and resourceful learning opportunities.

The goal of the project is to design a new middle school branch of the existing Environmental Charter School of Pittsburgh, to be located in Southside Flats - a bustling, newly-developed neighborhood located along the southern bank of Monogahela River. The building is to incorporate sustainable design not only as an obligation for the profession and the environments, but also to present itself as the primary learning tool for the students to observe and learn from. Careful attention has been paid to the surrounding urban context and its incorporation to the building design, and moreover, to the sustainable aspects of the design including the choice of material, envelope design, passive HVAC system, green roof and PV cells.

design procesS

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