Grow collective

community urban agriculture center in homewood, pittsburgh

48-200 Second Year Architecture Studio | Instructor: Josh Bard, Tonya Marciewicz


final cover gardient1.png

Center for Urban Agriculture is a comprehensive project that forced us to take a variety of urban features into consideration, including but not limited to: the physical context, demographics of the residents, seasonal planting strategies, high tech and traditional methods of planting and historical and cultural meaning that the site embodies.

The primary objective of this project was to build an urban agriculture center in Homewood, PA that could provide a space for farming as well as a public space for the public to interact with each other and with the products of the farm. My goal of this project was specifically to provide a public space that emphasizes the educational aspect of the agricultural center and through a transparent but passive design that blends in with the neighborhood and attracts the visitors form within.