saco lake wellness center, white mountains, NH

48-205 Second Year Architecture Studio | Instructor: Jeremy Ficca, Eddy Man Kim

Site Plan 2-2.jpg

The goal of the project was to build a year-round bath house in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, on a site that overlooks Saco Lake.

Primary goal of my design was to amplify the user’s experience by a series of contraction and expansion that are expressed through the space and material throughout the building. The building is designed to take the most advantage of the contour lines as well, from which the shape of the building and the
unique angles of the corners are derived.

Site Model 1-2.jpg
Site Model 3-2.jpg

Site Model made from balsawood



Plans 2 smaller.jpg

section & elevation

Section Elevation together smaller.jpg



collage compiled.jpg

materials study

Parti Model 1.jpg
Parti Model 2.jpg
Parti Model 3.JPG
Parti Model 4.jpg
Parti Model 6.jpg


Final Model 4.jpg
Final Model 5.jpg
Final Model 6.jpg