Urban ecomorphology

designing sustainable residential units on six mile island, sharpsburg PA

48-300 Third Year Architecture Studio | Instructor: Dana Cupkova, Nina Chase


Environment, Form and Feedback is a design studio with emphasis on systemic design thinking linked to the development of architectural forms and organizations in an extreme urban environment.

This studio is founded on a premise that architecture is fundamentally a part of a larger planetary ecology. This studio negotiates building forms and their organization within its urban and ecological landscape. In this project, given a site that shifts its shape and size over time with the flow of the river, it became imperative to conduct an extensive research on the climate, precedents and sustainability features. At the end, I was able to develop an architectural form that is responsive not only to its current surroundings but also to the changes that site will witness over time.

The goal of my design is to combat the harsh climates of Pittsburgh by creating favorable micro-climactic moments within the residential complex, providing the residents with prolonged season to enjoy outdoor space and activities. Wind and green roof were the primary driving force behind the design decisions.

Roof Plan.jpg
Unit Plan-03.jpg
Site Section-03.jpg